2016 NBMC Proceedings

Click this link to access the complete proceedings: 2016 NBMC Proceedings (ISSN 2345-8720)

Session A- ASEAN integration and corporate management
  • Effects Of Organizational Learning And Collective Knowledge On Change Beliefs: A Phil. Hei’s Perceptions On The Asean Economic Integration by Edgar Allan G. Castro
  • M and A: Vital for ASEAN 2015 Integration by Patrick V. Caoile
  • Rent Seeking Behavior in the Philippine Mining Industry by Patrick V. Caoile
  • Pirates of the Asia-Pacific: Analyzing APEC digital piracy by Carlos Vincent L. Chua and Regina S. Villasor
Session B – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Importance to the Progression of the Selected Universal Banks in Batangas City by Kypril Catle, Marjorie Balmes, Antonette Mendoza, Glice Jhoan Panaligan, Eleanor Sartorio, and Glydel Yvette H. Serona
  • Sustainability Reporting in the Philippines: The Case of Manila Water Company, Inc. by Shieradel V. Jimenez and Ma. C. P. Assumpta Marasigan
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities in Mining and Oil Companies from 2010 to 2014: A Content Analysis Study on the Philippine Context by Frederick P. Romero
Session C – Management education (1)
  • Assessment of Office Competencies and Work Qualities of the BS Office Administration Students Under the Supervised Field Experience SY 2013-2014 by Gamaliela A. Dumancas and Teresita F. Pepito
  • Employability and Employers’ Assessment on Competency of Master in Business Administration Graduates in one Asian University by Maribeth G. Buenviaje and Jake M. Laguador
  • Problems and Coping Strategies of SMU-HTM Students During Their US Cultural Exchange Immersion: Basis for an Enhanced Preparation of Students for International Internship Program by Mayvelyn S. Covita and Bon Homme Richard G. Torres
  • Status of Implementation and Usefulness of Outcomes – Based Education for Customs Administration Students of LPU – Batangas by Angelica O. Macatangay, Lyza D. Braza, Reycon Annabel P. Fuentes, Maedelyn N. Gamboa, Angie D. Gonzales, Katleen T. Hernandez, and Jeny Rose B. Montejo
Session D – Managing the academe (1)
  • Corporate Practices of Private Higher Educational Institutions by Jennifer Seridon
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of Selected Private and Public Colleges and Universities in Batangas City: Basis for Enhancement by Dabbie A. Cruzem, Ericka Joy B. Calacal, Rocel Joy M. Bruce, Kristine Joy G. De Alday and Luisa P. Macatangay
  • Decoding the strategy of a university management research center: An insider action research proposal by Patrick Adriel H. Aure
  • Description, Correlation, and Regression Model of the Factors Affecting the Job Satisfaction of the Ateneo de Davao College Faculty by Felicitas Cruz
Session E – Consumer behavior
  • Buying Behavior of Senior Citizens in Region 12 by Sheila Bayquin
  • Exploring Customer Perception of Selected Green Restaurants in Baguio City by Starlet Joy Caliwan
  • Working Mothers Buying Detergents: Only Price Matters by Vicente Salvador E. Montaño and Manuel S. Ortega
Session F – SMEs and Entrepreneurship
  • Academic Research Relevance to Business Practices: Perceptions, Scan Intensity, Use and Intentions of Business Practitioners in Batangas by Sheila Maloles
  • Drivers And Barriers Of Professionalizing Family Businesses In Koronadal City, South Cotabato by Michelle Capistrano
  • Drivers of Growth of Microenterprises by Rean May C. Galang
  • Value Placed on the Online Reviews and How this Affects the Opinions and Actions of Batangueño Entrepreneurs when Patronizing Local Business Services by Analiza D. Resurreccion
Session G – Corporate governance and leadership
  • Corporate sustainability, governance, ethics and firm performance: A literature review by Mar Andriel Umali
  • Corporate Values Integration on Organizational Practices: Basis for the Development of Corporate Image Program by Mario Glenn A. Isic and Hector Aguiling
  • Empirical Study on the Dual Factor Corporate Governance Model on the Performance of Philippine Listed Corporations by Claro G. Ganac
  • Transformational Leadership: Echoing Responsibility, Accountability and Sustainability by Aileen K. Balba, Mary Grace M. Reyes, and Eileen M. Mamino
Session H – Social entrepreneurship and social enterprises
  • Exploring social business models: The case of ECHOstore and Greenius by Raymund B. Habaradas and Patrick Adriel H. Aure
  • Social Enterprises in Mindanao: The Case of Crystal Seas by Maria Angela G. Zafra
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Five Dimensions of Opportunity Tracing Framework by Shalini Morta
Session I – Finance (1)
  • Financial Instrument Awareness and Ownership Among Selected Generation X Individuals in Metro Manila by Dennis L. Berino
  • Philippine Peso Exchange Rate Movement on Import Level in the Philippines: An Empirical Study by Frederick P. Romero
  • Philippine Peso Exchange Volatility and the Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPI): A Granger Causality Approach in the Philippine Setting from 2005 to 2014 by Frederick P. Romero
  • Unit Investor Trust Fund Characteristics, Investor Preferences, and UnionBank Trust Strategies by Robert Ramos
Session J – Tourism
  • Get The Party Started: Uncovering factors that drive participants to destination music festivals by Lysa Sanchez, Jhona Camba, and Geraldine Pascual
  • Influence of Grade Point Average (GPA) and Perceived Academic Performance on the Employability Skills of Senior Hospitality and Tourism Students by Maria Madel M. Ocampo and Rhikie Rose P. Maranan
  • Potential Contribution Of Local Food Resources Towards Sustainable Food Tourism In Nueva Vizcaya by Marvin G. Eslava
  • Tourism Competitiveness of Cebu in Central Philippines: Status, Challenges and Sustainability by Ferdinand Tesado Abocejo
Session K – Management education (2)
  • Developing Sustainability Values in Future Business Leaders by Pia T. Manalastas
    Effect of Problem-Based Service Learning on the Civic Consciousness of Students Enrolled in the National Service Training Program of De La Salle Lipa by Joseph Angelou Ilagan Ng
  • Industry Academe Partnerships Update by Robert Keitel and Melissa Ledesma
  • Lost in the forest dark: A review on the outlook of ethics in business programs by Real C. So
Session L – Strategic marketing and branding
  • Branding: Country of Origin (COO) Effect by Mary Julie V. Balarbar
  • Effectiveness of Marketing Strategies of LPU-High School by Anthea Jean C. Arante, Reyson Adalia, Nicole Autor, Vince Cuya, Roly Vic Hernandez, Angelica Panganiban, and Fernando Ricafort
  • Factors Contributing To The Influence Of Celebrity Endorsers On Brand Patronage Among Selected Fans Clubs In Davao City by Elaine Mars G. Isip
  • Market Segmentation of the Tablet and Smartphone Users in the Philippines by Eric Parilla, Kristine San Juan Nable, and Jodie Claire Ngo
  • Measure of Quality as Contributing Factor in Pursuing College Degree in Engineering: Input to Marketing Strategic Plan by Joseph Cezar L. Deligero and Jake M. Laguador
Session M – Creating social value
  • Collaborative Partnership in Tripartite Sectors: A critical review of literature by Teodoro S. Ocampo
  • Security of Tenure, Capital Accumulation and Quality of Life for Poverty Alleviation by Bembie Marie Girado, Crisanto Regadio Jr., and Mark Anthony Velasco
  • The virtuous cycle of social capital: the case of Benguet coffee farmers by Reynaldo A. Bautista Jr
Session N – Managing the academe (2)
  • Aligning Business with IT: An ICT Strategy Using Practical Enterprise Architecture for the Lasallian Network of Schools by Allan B. Borra and Emmanuel S. Iluzada
  • Entrepreneurial University: The Case of the University of the Philippines Manila by Bienvenido Balotro
  • Fortifying The University’s Enrollment Management Through Brand Equity Assessment by Harrison T. Villanueva, John Octavious S. Palina, Angela C. Garra, and Niña Mae Bianca J. Martin
  • Positioning the HEIs in Davao City by Danilo Te
Session O – SMEs and entrepreneurship
  • Exploring innovation capability and organizational performance among SMEs by Ma. Cresilda M. Caning
  • Influence of Entrepreneurship Education, Societal Enhancers and Environmental Factors to Entrepreneurial Activities in Davao Region by Candida Santos
  • Management Succession For Family-Owned Businesses: A Theory Paper by Jose Mari L. Yupangco
  • Impulsive Buying Behavior Of Millennials On Online Shopping by Jose Luis Legaspi, Ireene Leoncio Oliver Galgana, and Clare Hormachuelos
Session P – Sports
  • Critical factors influencing international sporting success of the Philippines: The athletes’ perspective by Ralph Andrew Ramos
  • A study on the market behavior towards a new social media platform for creating online sports communities by Geraldine Bernardo and Cayronne Lim
Session Q – Human resource
  • A Test Of Relationship Between Organizational Culture And Organizational Readiness For Change In A Philippine-Based Manpower Outsourcing Cooperative by Maria Ysabel B. Bordador
  • Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Needed by Companies in Metro Manila by Eric Parilla
  • Strategies for Multinational Enterprises to Engage in Public Policy Development: The Role of Human Resources Management by Maria Angela G. Zafra
Session R – Finance (2)
  • A Comparative Examination of the Level of Mobile Banking Services of Selected Publicly-listed Universal Banks in the Philippines: A Qualitative Study by Frederick P. Romero
  • The Rise and fall of The Monoline/Bond Insurers: Icarus of the 21st Century by D. Dulani Jayasuriya
  • Chaos Theory & Realised Volatility: An Empirical Analysis by D. Dulani Jayasuriya
  • Financial Performance of Philippine Life Insurance Companies by Michelle Brendy C. Ocampo Tan
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